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Whitelisted Domains

License key activation is necessary for using the WP Team Pro plugin. According to our license terms, a customer can Activate the license key on the live site(s) specified in his package. The question arises, is it possible to use the license key in under-construction sites simultaneously?

The answer is yes. Before using the plugin on the live site or along with the live site, a customer can activate the license on some Under Construction sites where the license activation will not be counted. See the List below: 

  • localhost
  • *.dev
  • *.test
  • .*local
  • dev.*
  • staging.*
  • staging-*.
  • *.staging.site
  • *.wpengine.com
  • *.preview-domain.com

Sub-domain or multisite: If you are using a Sub-domain in the same WordPress installation as a WordPress multisite, then you can use the plugin both on the main site and that sub-domain site. If you are using a different installation of WordPress for a sub-domain, then you can’t use a single site license for that sub-domain. In this case, you have to buy a new single-site license for that sub-domain.

Updated on October 5, 2023